After winning a tender to design, supply and install new queue management systems for new GNER stations and station refurbishments, we designed a bespoke system that
allows the counter units to be programmed with up to 8 different 2 line messages "Counter Closed", "All Tickets", etc. and to change those messages as required by depressing the button on the keypad.

A LED number on the back of the display tells the cashier which message is being displayed. A "Please Go to Counter" Main Display with Voice option is also available for larger stations.

  • Counter Display features
  • High contrast bright Red LEDs
  • Slim-line case in requested RAL colour
  • Pre-recorded voice announcement in English (other languages available)
  • Wall, Ceiling or Counter fittings

Keypad Features

  • Single button push to call next number
  • Select the message to be displayed

You can see the system in action at Bath, Oxford and Reading main line stations with new installations at Bristol Temple Meads and Paddington Stations.


Birmingham airport
Birmingham airport
We were requested by Signs Now, Birmingham, to supply an LED display as part of a large signage project at Birmingham International Airport. The tender required provision for Road Safety displays and an external LED sign to be mounted on a gantry on the airport approach road. We offered expert advice in designing, building and installing the LED display to ensure that Birmingham International Airport was offered the perfect product to meet the tender specifications.

Signs Now's tender was successful and we installed the gantry sign. Post-installation we returned to site and trained BAA staff to program the display from a remote office over a mile from the sign. Programming the sign is simple as at the sign location we have installed a GSM modem with data enabled SIM card which allows BAA to send messages to the sign using our supplied user-friendly PC software. LED beacons in each corner are utilised when important messages are displayed. Wide-angle ultra-bright amber LEDs ensure that the sign is visible in direct sunlight. In-coming traffic is able to see up-to-the-minute messages directing them to open car parks and alerting them to delays or adverse weather conditions.

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We recently installed a 12 counter intelligent Queue System for the new Legalisation Centre in Milton Keynes. Visitors enter on the ground floor of the new building and are issued with a ticket number from a Touch-screen and thermal printer at reception. They then take a lift to the third floor waiting room to be called forward via the main display to their designated counter.

Information about the customers visit is saved to an SQL database – time of ticket Issue, time called forward, duration of consultation, name of interviewer, outcome of visit. From this information we formats automatic reports that help The Legalisation Centre project required staffing levels, quantify the main reasons for visits and determine how to increase the number of successful outcomes.

We offer a range of intelligent queue systems that are already used equally effectively in "One-Stop Shops", Benefits Offices, Passport Offices and hospitals throughout the world.

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CEMEX is a global building solutions company and leading supplier of cement, ready-mixed concrete and aggregates. Working in conjunction with Pro-Active Signs, we were chosen to supply and install their first Lorry Call Forward System at their flagship site in Stepney, London.

The Lorry Call Forward System incorporates call forward and health & safety messages. The driver books in with the office, and waits in their vehicle until called. When the plant is ready to load the next vehicle, the vehicle registration is entered into the simple to use software and is displayed on the LED signs which indicate to the driver which plant to go to. A number of vehicle registrations can be called
simultaneously; the software will cycle through them and call them to their designated loading plant. If there are no vehicles in the list to be called, site Health and Safety messages can be set as default to appear on the signs.

You can see the system in action at Stepney Cemex, DHL Stoke and Nisa Scunthorpe with further systems being installed at Thames Port Kent.

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Stockwell Primary School has had outstanding Ofsted reports for the past 3 years, mainly due to their investment in communication across the school. Senior heads of surrounding schools are advised to visit Stockwell to gain an insight into how the school has achieved such high standards.

Stockwell Primary School has a passion for the latest technology for communication, and has implemented LED and LCD digital signage to ensure that visitors, parents, and staff members are continuously updated with school events, school trips, term dates and urgent messages, etc. Roger Bannister of Stockwell Primary School, initially purchased an internal Multi Line display and an external Single Line Display to ensure smooth communication within the school, operated via easy to use software.

Thereafter we installed two 40" LCD screens with an all-in-one Media Solution allowing them to multi zone the screen, assign various media types to each zone, set play lists of media and schedule in their desired layout for a particular day of the week. The all-in-one Digital Media solution, has proven to be the most effective way of communicating to parents and staff, and has eliminated queues at the schools reception.

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